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We are the team of Multi Coupler FK and we are ready to help develop the entire media industry so that every day is a new step into the future.

In our team, the main thing is to achieve the goals set for us, improve and hone our skills and create something new that the world has not seen yet.
Quality work
We care about the quality of the services provided.
Creative thinking
We are always looking for a non-standard approach.
Mutual courtesy
There are no classes in our command, we are all equal.
We are always ready to help people who need us with their problems.
If you were looking for not just a company that will take money from you and disappear to fulfill an order, but a team that will join the life of your company, then contact us and we will be happy to expand our family and become part of yours.

How we work

Let's look at how the course of our work will take place with successful cooperation.
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The first stage

We conduct research

To get started, we need to aggregate the requirements from you for your project.
What we do
We get to know your company and communicate with your employees, learning all the pitfalls that we may encounter. We collect information and interview employees about their vision of the project.
As a result, we get a full-fledged document with how you and your colleagues see the future product and start brainstorming on putting these ideas into one. As a result, we will get clear goals and visions for the whole team, what we strive for and what we want to achieve.
The second stage

Creative and developing

At the second stage, we develop a prototype for further testing and confirm or refute the theories that have been formed.
What we do
First, we draw up a technical task for our designers who prepare a black-and-white prototype for further testing and run among employees and potential customers, we also collect test results and make adjustments to the prototype to bring it to the ideal.
As a result, we get a well-honed prototype of the product for which a visual style is further developed according to your requirements, then a technical specification is written for developers and sent to a long product development process.
The third stage

Testing and launching

When the product is ready, we proceed to testing the product and closing all identified errors in it.
What we do
Our team of testers sit down tightly to analyze the product, testing it in a variety of conditions, for errors, load, failures, inconsistencies with the design, etc. We draw up a document on errors and actively close them by releasing the project into your hands.
As a result, you get a proven product that has passed all kinds of tests, meets current trends and is ready to see life. We will stay with you for the entire life cycle of the created product and will always help you in case of problems.
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